Now the question is why someone would want a love spell being cast on him or her with their knowledge. Well, the answer to this is very simple, at times couples fear that they could get separated or someone could use physical or supernatural force and could forcibly separate them from each other, in such a scenario the couple opts for an unconditional love spell to be cast on wither both of them or one of them, so that they can remain with each other in all kind of scenarios and that no one can separate them with any tricks or force.  

An unconditional love spell always gives perfect result to the lovers because the consent of both the lovers are towards the same goal to be achieved, do note that only a learned love psychic or an experienced spell caster can only cast an unconditional love spell and that this kind of spell should not be cast by an individual and an unconditional love spell is never found as free over the internet for if it is found it has to be fake.